Intellectual Property

Clients trust Kulik Gottesman Siegel & Ware LLP, with their most valuable assets —their intellectual property rights. Our firm represents artists, celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, and start-ups by litigating their copyright, trademark, trade secret, and other intellectual property disputes.  Kulik Gottesman Siegel & Ware attorneys represent plaintiffs and defendants in courts nationwide and provide successful legal strategies to ensure our clients minimize their risks and maximize their rights to maintain their competitive advantage.

Our practice areas include: copyright, trademark, trade secret, Digital Millennium Copyright Act “DMCA”, Lanham Act violations, anti-cybersquatting, Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution “UDRP” actions, counterfeiting, unfair competition, false advertising, dilution, Internet law, work-for-hire, litigation, transactions, licensing, IP monetization strategy, local counsel, settlement and other IP appeals.


Copyright is the foundation of protecting expression.  Our attorneys are true advocates who understand the economic realities of infringement and licensing disputes relating to different types of works.  Our firm has successfully litigated on behalf of clients who are the creators of books, motion pictures, television shows, websites, visual art, music, fashion design, and software. Our attorneys will take a copyright dispute from the cease-and-desist letter to summary judgment, settlement, or trial, efficiently and effectively.

Our attorneys also litigate some of the most cutting edge issues of copyright law and idea submission law. Our work has tested the common understanding of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act “DMCA”  and has resulted in published decisions in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Additionally, our victories have resulted in seven figure verdicts and settlements for some of our clients.


Trademark law is critical to protecting a company’s brand and goodwill. A trademark could be a logo, a name, a slogan, or a sound used to identify a product or company.  Our attorneys are skilled in strategizing the most cost-efficient and successful way of procuring a client’s trademark and in protecting its trademark, whether that is in court, in a UDRP action, or in a settlement conference, and we will aggressively work to ensure your brand is not compromised.

Our attorneys are experts at all aspects of the Lanham Act, including false advertising, anti-cybersquatting and UDRP actions, counterfeiting, and dilution claims. Further, as time is of the essence in many trademark disputes, we excel at securing the most appropriate injunctive relief at that time, whether that is a temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction.


Sometimes the case is won before it even starts. With our vast experience in IP litigation, our firm has acquired keen insight into the potential difficulties clients may face with their IP portfolio. Our attorneys develop successful legal strategies in effectuating our clients’ goals and rights. Whether the goal is to establish broader rights, aggressively fight counterfeiting long-term, or monetize the client’s IP rights through licensing, our attorneys develop resourceful, practical, and profitable options.

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