Client Successes

At Kulik Gottesman Siegel & Ware LLP, we recognize that in the final analysis, a law firm’s true value is measured by its record of achieving successful results for its clients. There are many fine law firms doing business in Los Angeles and elsewhere in California, so the question must be asked: what separates any given firm from another? The attorneys at Kulik Gottesman Siegel & Ware LLP believe the question must be answered by considering the firm’s history of achieving successful results and the cost the client must pay in order to achieve those results.

Kulik Gottesman Siegel & Ware LLP’s mission is to provide first-class legal service at a fair cost, and we also believe each client has a right to expect good results. Not every case can be won and not every transaction can be successfully concluded, but at Kulik Gottesman Siegel & Ware LLP we are very proud of our success rate over the past 20 plus years. We’ve consistently demonstrated the ability to close deals and prevail in contested matters against the largest and most prestigious law firms in the country.

In 2012, Kulik Gottesman Siegel & Ware LLP’s transactional attorneys closed acquisition, disposition and financing deals valued in excess of $500,000,000…the fourth consecutive year that the department exceeded this benchmark value.


An important specialty within the Kulik Gottesman Siegel & Ware LLP real estate department is our work as general counsel for common interest developments throughout Southern California. Kulik Gottesman Siegel & Ware LLP is regarded as one of the leading homeowners’ association firms in Los Angeles County. We advise association clients on every aspect of their operations, including drafting, revising, interpreting and enforcing their governing documents, and we provide guidance and counsel in matters involving insurance, security, vendor contracts, employee relations, and more. Kulik Gottesman Siegel & Ware LLP publishes regular newsletters to keep clients well advised on changes in the law. Kulik Gottesman Siegel & Ware LLP represents many of the most prestigious and well-known residential high-rise buildings and gated communities in Southern California.


The success of the firm’s litigation department can be attributed to the fact we’ve won many major trials for clients. At trial, Kulik Gottesman Siegel & Ware LLP has obtained millions of dollars of jury verdicts and successfully defended claims against our clients. Many litigation attorneys are adept at taking depositions and serving interrogatories, but what really separates one litigation attorney from another is the degree to which that attorney has demonstrated the ability to go to trial and win. When an attorney has a reputation of excelling at trial, it benefits all his or her clients, because it makes it more likely the other side will want to settle. As litigators, Kulik Gottesman Siegel & Ware LLP is always looking for prompt and cost-effective resolutions to a business dispute. Our first goal is to try to achieve a fair settlement, but when that’s not feasible, we offer a competitive advantage for our clients, because lawyers in California know of and respect our ability to win at trial.


Over the past decade, Kulik Gottesman Siegel & Ware LLP has developed a particularly good track record in representing clients involved in entertainment industry disputes. Kulik Gottesman Siegel & Ware LLP is considered one of the leading firms in assisting plaintiffs who contend their literary material and creative ideas have been misappropriated, but our practice isn’t limited to copyright and idea theft claims. Kulik Gottesman Siegel & Ware LLP has successfully represented many performers, directors, producers, writers, and other behind-the-camera personnel in contract disputes. Kulik Gottesman Siegel & Ware LLP attorneys are also called on to negotiate deals and draft or revise contracts.

In short, while Kulik Gottesman Siegel & Ware LLP has demonstrated the ability to achieve successful results for clients, our philosophy is that what we did “yesterday” means very little. Kulik Gottesman Siegel & Ware LLP feels the utmost need and responsibility not to rest on past laurels, but to continue to prove ourselves and our value with each new transaction or contested dispute.